Oldford Polo Ground, Madison County, Virginia – 19 September 2015

virginiaThe weather was as perfect as a polo day could be. The old boys fired a lot at goal and the tyros began to shine. At eleven o’clock sharp ( even Long Legs Kiyonaga was on time) the Red and Gold squads lined up on the ground. Coach Gillespie, playing the key number three slot for Red combined with Ambassador Butler to pepper the Gold goal with half a dozen very close drives. It was Big Boy Kiyonaga, however, who broke the goal ice with a swift shot from thirty yards to leave the score at the end of the period with Gold leading 1 – 0. The score was almost two for Gold as Mighty Martin blasted a drive through the tops of the posts. Sadly, the end horn blew before the ball cleared them causing the brilliant shot to fail.

In spite of enormous consumption of energy by the Red squad under Butler and Gillespie and Gold under Mighty Martin, there was no score to be added to either side in the second chukker.

Yours truly, American Idol in a red jersey, took a pass from Coach Gillespie and delivered the white pill through the posts in two deft strokes of the stick to bring Red even with their natural enemies. Outraged by this score Bog Boy summoned up his enormous energy to blast a line drive through the sticks to put Gold back in front. Highland Lass, however, took the ball for Red from near mid-field with a succession of three drives in the last minute to put the score at even twos for the last chukker shoot-out.

Ambassador Butler dominated the last chukker for Red with two iconic drives to goal. His efforts gave Red the victory at 4 – 2.

The last match of the season will be played at Oldford next Saturday at eleven o’clock.


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