Open de France Polo – Chantilly

franceUpdate for Sunday Sept. 13th

Day disrupted by the rain, but all Open de France games have taken place between the drops. A day during which Sainte Mesme I lost its invincibility while defending champion La Quinta finally found back the taste of victory.

The focus game of this 15th Open de France’s sixth day was undoubtedly the game between Sainte Mesme I, and its two handicap 5 French Brieuc Rigaux and Clément Delfosse, and the Swiss team Marquard Media with the player of this tournament, handicap 6 Argentine Martin Jr. Aguerre who offered a slightly more open game. The difference in the final score was minimal (it becomes a habit, one is tempted to say, during this edition): 7-8.

It’s with the same difference of one goal that previously, La Quinta won over Golden Goose Deluxe, and went back on the race for a place in the semi-final.
In contrast, the second team of Sainte-Mesme is far from this option, as they couldn’t be able to win for the first time against Tom Tailor.

Anyway, except for Golden Goose Deluxe and Sainte-Mesme II, whose fate seems sealed, nothing can’t be taken for granted in this Open 2015 et we will know more after the play-off games of Tuesday and Wednesday. Semi-finals will take place on Friday, In the mean time, the Feminine Open de France will start on Wednesday, with three teams in competition.

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