The Opening Matches Of The Triple Crown Are In Full Swing

Screen-Shot-2015-10-02-at-10.20.47-copyThe First Games Of The Tortugas Open Get Underway in Argentina
Tuesday 29 September saw the first two teams of The Tortugas Open take to the fields of Tortugas Country Club for their opening match. The tournament is the first in the illustrious Triple Crown series.
The first match saw Alegría play Chapaleufú in what proved to be an exciting game. Although the outcome was much to be expected, with a win for Alegría who came fresh from their appearance in the Final of the Jockey Club Open, the Heguy foursome put up a fantastic fight, finally conceding a 15 – 11 defeat.

The tournament continued on Wednesday 30 September with an even closer match between La Aguada and La Aguada Las Monjitas. The match was tense; it pitted Merlos against Merlos and Novillo Astrada against Novillo Astrada. An exceedingly close game, the match was still tied even after some fantastic play by Pite Merlos in the final chukka. Pite has replaced his brother Sebastian in this team, after a ball to the knee earlier in the season meant Sebastian is currently recovering from knee surgery. As the score, which had remained close throughout the game, was tied at 10 -10 by the final whistle extra time was called and it was eventually Agustín Merlos who scored the winning goal for La Aguada, when a 60 yard penalty was awarded in their favour. The final score was 11 – 10 to La Aguada.

The next match to take place will be on Saturday 3 October when Chapaleufú will take on reigning champions, La Dolfina.

Tuesday 29 September – Alegría vs Chapaleufú
Alegría (35): Cristian Laprida Jr. (8), Hilario Ulloa (9), Lucas Monteverde Jr. (9) & Frederick Mannix (9)
Chapaleufú (34): Alberto Heguy Jr. (8), Ignacio Heguy (9), Bautista Heguy (8) & Eduardo Heguy (9)

Wednesday 30 September – La Aguada vs La Aguada Las Monjitas
La Aguada (34): Agustín Merlos (8), Guillermo Terrera Jr. (8), Guillermo Caset Jr. (9) & Ignacio Novillo Astrada (9)
La Aguada Las Monjitas (34): Ignacio Toccalino (9), Eduardo Novillo Astrada (9), Pite Merlos (8) & Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8)

Photograph: La Aguada defeated La Aguada Las Monjitas at Tortugas Country Club. By Matías Callejo

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