thebigdayiscoming-50-2015-11-221GThe day has come: following a forced delay due to rains, the 122th. Argentine Polo Open Championship, the world’s most important polo competition, will begin on Monday November 23.

Eight teams up to 40 goals – the world’s best, will start the road to the most awaited day of the year: Saturday November 12, when the most awaited final of the year will be played on Palermo’s ground 1

The opening day will feature La Dolfina vs. Magual (ground 2), at 2pm followed by La Aguada vs. Alegria at 4,30pm.

All eyes are set on Palermo – and mostly, on La Dolfina’s chance to make history, as their aim is to go for their third consecutive Triple Crown. Meanwhile, Ellerstina, Alegria, La Aguada and La Aguada Las Monjitas will do their best to avoid it. But in addition, the tournament will feature some extra spice, especially with the legendary all-Heguy Chalpaleufu foursome comeback to the Cathedral’s ground 1; and why not, some surprise from the two awesome teams that emerged from the quallifiers, Magual and Washington.

Polo fans worldwide are ready – Palermo kicks off, the best polo worldwide is coming up! Stay tuned!

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