PILARÁ MIXED CUP Mixed polo tournament

pilaramixcup-82-2015-12-161G-1The finals of the Pilará Mixed Cup took place today at Palermo, featuring the one and only Adolfo Cambiaso, recent winner of three consecutive Triple Crowns with La Dolfina. Cambiaso was delighted to play and win with his daughter Mia.

La Dolfina Aventura (Adolfo, Mia with Candelaria and Milagros Fernández Araujo) defeated Pilará Wild Orchid (Raya Sidorenko, Jeanine Hugo, Marianela Castagnola and Gerardo Mazzini), and claimed the main trophy.

During the game Adolfo Cambiaso played a complete list of clones – four by Dolfina Cuartetera and two by Dolfina Lapa – for the first time ever at Palermo.


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