Polito Pieres heads from the Gold Cup at Cowdray to The Gold Cup at Deauville Polo Club

goldBy Victoria Elsbury-Legg

From 12th – 30th August, 16 goal Gold Cup matches have been played out on the pitches of Deauville Polo Cup between four teams, all of whom had their sights firmly set on lifting the cup skywards post Sunday’s final. Amongst the line-up was one team (with changes to two players) who had been part of the English high goal this season – Talandracas. Continuing to focus on his European based polo, Polito Pieres was once again playing for patron Edouard Carmignac in his pink and grey shirted high goal team. During their English season, Talandracas reached the semi-finals of the Queen’s Cup at Guards in June, losing by only a goal to King Power Foxes (in which his cousins Facundo and Gonzalito Pieres were playing, and who went on to win the tournament). Following this, Polito continued his English high goal season with Talandracas in the Gold Cup at Cowdray.

Playing alongside Polito Pieres (9) and patron Edouard Carmignac (0) were his son Hughes Carmignac (1) and Santiago Gaztambide (6). Despite rain halting play for a couple of days, all matches were eventually played with Talandracas losing only one match, against the defending champions of 2014, Royal Barriere 10 v 6 on the opening day of play, going on to win 11 v 8.5 against La Esperanza, and also by 11 v 8.5 Equipe de France.

Heading into Sunday’s final of the Silver Cup, Talandracas once again faced Equipe de France – Thibault Guillemin (4) Adrien Le Gallo (3) Matthieu Delfosse (4) Julien Reynes (3). With patron Edouard being substituted by Lavinia Fabre, Polito Pieres headed up the team for what was a very close match. With a final score of Talandracas 8 v 7.5 Equipe de France – making Talandracas the 2015 winners of the Silver Cup.
In other matches, Tommy Rinderknecht’s Royal Barriere team, who were keen to defend their 2014 win, also beat Equipe de France 9 v 6.5, but lost 6 v 7.5 to La Esperanza, who they faced once again in Sunday’s final of the Gold Cup, following a penalty shoot-out.

In the final of the Gold Cup, Royal Barriere were leading by half a goal in chukka three, 3 v 2.5, with their lead stretching to 5 v 3.5 in the fourth. In the fifth and final chukka it was all about ‘half a goal’, with La Esperanza taking the lead 6.5 v 6, with La Esperanza going on to win the 2015 Deauville Gold Cup 8.5 v 7 Royal Barriere. MVP was awarded to Tito Ruiz Guinazu and BPP to Martin Aguerre’s mare – Garaganta.

Deauville Polo Club – Gold Cup 2015 schedule & results:
Wednesday, August 19th – Royal Barriere 10 v 6 Talandracas
Thursday, August 20th – Equipe de France 6.5 v 9 La Esperanza
Monday, August 24th – La Esperanza 8.5 v 11 Talandracas
Monday, August 24th – Royal Barriere 9 v 6.5 Equipe de France
*Wednesday, August 26th – Equipe de France 8.5 v 11 Talandracas
*Thursday, August 27th – Royal Barriere 6 v 7.5 La Esperanza
Sunday, August 30th – SILVER CUP – Equipe de France 7.5 v 8 Talandracas
Sunday, August 30th – FINAL GOLD CUP – Royal Barriere 7 v 8.5 La Esperanza

*Games scheduled for Wednesday and Thursday were actually played on Friday due to weather conditions.


Royal Barriere – Tommy Rinderknecht (0) Juan Chavanne (5) Martin Aguerre (6) Patrizio Cieza (5)
Equipe de France – Thibault Guillemin (4) Adrien Le Gallo (3) Matthieu Delfosse (4) Julien Reynes (3)
Talandracas – Edouard Carmignac (0) Santiago Gaztambide (6) Pablo Pieres (9) Hugues Carmignac (1)
La Esperanza – Jean-Edouard Mazery (0) Pierre-Henri N’Goumou (5) Tito Ruiz Guinazu (7) Ramiro Zavaleta (3)


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