Polo carnivals to continue at Ellerston

ausA prominent Hunter businessman has confirmed polo carnivals will continue to be run at the Packer family’s iconic Ellerston property near Scone.

There were fears polo at the site would become a thing of the past when the property sold more than a hundred horses at a recent reduction sale.

But Scone businessman David Paradice has entered into an agreement with Ros Packer to jointly fund the polo operations at Ellerston.

Mr Paradice admits it may not be the best financial investment.

“No, I don’t think so,” he said.

“I think it’ s just a nice thing to do for the community.

“I love playing.

“I enjoy it a lot and I know a lot of other people in the district like playing it and I think they’ve benefitted from Ellerston being up there, it’s a beautiful place and a lot of people like going up there to watch the polo.”

Mr Paradice said he has invested in polo operations at Ellerston through an agreement he struck with Kerry Packer’s widow Ros.

“So there’s still a number of ponies up there and there’s some really good players up there and above all some nice people up there that put their heart and soul into that place,” he said.

“I suppose they’re being recognised for putting their heart and soul into that place and including Ros why they thing keeps on going so it’s a good thing.”


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