polodeparis-79-2015-9-74GPolo activity at Polo de Paris resumed this week-end with the first Cup of Tournoi´Automne “Coupe Cobaty”.

On Saturday was the turn of Sainte Mesme vs One Point and Red Falcon vs La Concepción.

One Point defeated Sainte Mesme 6.5-4 in the first match of the day and captured the Coupe Playa Blanca. Afterwards La Concepción beat Red Falcon 7-3.5 for Coupe Rosario. Both teams, One Point and La Concepción, got a spot in the final of Coupe Cobaty.

On sunday, Sainte Mesme obtained subsidiary Cup against Red Falcon (8-7.5) and La Concepción obtained the first place by winning the game againts One Point for the big Cup of the week-end, Coupe Cobaty.


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