Power of Polo: charity lines up to help ex-servicemen and women and disadvantaged children

charityNew polo charity has designed a selection of tailored experiences with the aim of improving self-confidence, social interactions and teamwork.

Katy Hayward, chief executive of charity Power of Polo, believes there is a “real place” for the sport to have a positive impact on the lives of children and adults facing social, health and economic challenges.
The charity launched in May to support wounded ex-servicemen and women and disadvantaged children, with the tag line ‘Change your line’.
Power of Polo recently completed a successful four-day course with nine young men from disadvantaged backgrounds at Combermere Barracks.
“The aim is for them to try something completely different and to try and to do something for themselves,” Hayward told The Telegraph.

“It’s about making people see things a bit differently. Give them an experience and to think that the world is a bigger place.
“We know the horse element is there with the psychological aspects, but the team element is also really important.
“The contact sport, the self-confidence from riding a horse and the fact that it is the sport of kings – it was all about doing something they would never consider doing. There is a real place for polo here.”

Hayward’s aim is to encourage more people to “think outside the box” and to work around horses.
Ronnie Kusi, a 23-year-old from south London who completed the course, believes that by targeting more disadvantaged youths, the charity will go from strength to strength.
“I knew very little about the sport before the week and it is a case of wanting to know more,” he said. “At home, there is too much negativity, but at the barracks, I was surrounded by positivity the whole time.”

Power of Polo is currently working with a team at Cool Hooves Polo Academy in Berkshire, to ensure the sustainability of their established programme for ex-servicemen and women undergoing rehabilitation from injury.
Power of Polo has designed a selection of tailored experiences with the aim of improving self-confidence, social interactions and teamwork.
The charity believes it can generate a “sense of self achievement whilst importantly having fun in a supportive environment.”
Hayward added that the project would not have been possible without the help of Fifield Polo Club, Combermere Barracks and kit sponsor Sarah Milwheel.
For more information www.powerofpolo.org.uk or on Twitter #changeyourline


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