Power of Polo – making a positive impact on many lives #changeyourline – Part one

poloBy Victoria Elsbury-Legg

Launched in May 2015, Power of Polo is a charity which aims to be a ‘vehicle of change’ in the lives of young people and adults, helping wounded ex-servicemen and woman and disadvantaged children through the sport of polo. As CEO of Power of Polo, Dr Katy Hayward explains ’Our mission is to positively impact the lives of children and adults facing social, health and economic challenges, through the challenging and rewarding sport of polo. We hope that the wider polo community will work with us to make this a success’. Judging from the success of their events which have been taking place in recent months it would seem the polo community are truly getting behind this initiative, allowing the ‘Power of Polo’ to truly impact on lives.

It is well documented that working with horses has a great impact on the mental and physical well-being of many amongst all ages and circumstances, with this in mind, Power of Polo has designed courses and tailored experiences with fully accredited and trained HPA instructors aimed at ‘improving self-confidence, social interactions and team-work to generate a sense of self achievement, whilst importantly having fun in a supportive environment. The charity’s model is one of partnership, collaboration and facilitation. Many polo clubs are keen to provide charitable programmes but do not have the necessary infrastructure to be able to perform, sustain, monitor and evaluate them. Power of Polo provides this support by bringing together charities, polo clubs and other relevant organisations with the common aim of making these programmes a reality and facilitating the programmes by providing assistance with financing, training, monitoring and evaluation. Their hope is, that by being a focal point for the charitable aim and by sharing the work being done by individual organisations within the wider polo community they can be a catalyst for growth.’

To be continued


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