Successful premiere in Frankfurt

frankfurt-gold-cup-2015-polo-club-hessenOn the past weekend the Frankfurt Gold Cup, the fifth station of the German Polo Tour, took place and the spectators witnessed exciting polo matches. For the first time the tournament, which was held at Polo Club Hessen, was part of the tour. Over three days six teams competed against each other and fought for the coveted trophy. A total of 2,000 guests came to see the matches and the VIP area was filled to capacity. The tournament was organised by Pegasus Events under the directions of Christopher Kirsch in cooperation with Eisele Communications GmbH. POLO+10 also was present.

In the final match team Hajo, including female player Johanna Droste (-1) and her teammates Jo Reinhardt (0), Carlos Alberto Farias (+3) and Agosti Gomez Romero (+4) encountered team Berenberg, which consisted of Raphael Oliveira (+4) and Carlos Alberto Velazquez (+2) as well as the two female players Beate Pfister-Leibold (0) and Steffi v. Pock (0).

At the beginning team Berenberg dominated the match, but from the third chukka on team Hajo changed its tactics and due to very good team play the foursome took the lead. In the end team Hajo defeated their opponent by 7-4 and won the match. In the match for third place team Land Rover won against team Bucherer by a narrow margin, 7-6.5. Team Lanson was placed fifth after defeating team Glinicke Autohaus by 7-6.5.

At the award ceremony Raphael Oliveira of team Berenberg was named Most Valuable Player and was presented with a bag for polo mallets by La Martina, official supplier of the event. His horse “Brux” was awarded as Best Playing Pony.

Organiser Christopher Kirsch: “For the first time the German Polo Tour took place within the town limits of Frankfurt. The Polo Club Hessen is located ten minutes by car from the centre of the city and six minutes from the airport of Frankfurt. I think this was one of the reasons why so many spectators came to see the matches. We had a great atmosphere here during the three days and maybe the German Polo Tour will return next year to the Polo Club Hessen. The event was a total success.”

#1 Hajo (+6)
Johanna Droste (-1)
Jo Reinhardt (0)
Carlos Alberto Farias (+3)
Agosti Gomez Romero (+4)

#2 Berenberg (+6)
Beate Pfister-Leibold (0)
Steffi v. Pock (0)
Raphael Oliveira (+4)
Carlos Alberto Velazquez (+2)

#3 Land Rover (+5)
Estelle Wagner (0)
Yves Wagner (0)
Sergio Magrini (+3)
Juan Correa (+2)

#4 Bucherer (+6)
Andreas Walther (0)
Santiago Gomez Romero (+3)
Christopher Kirsch (+3)
Maximilian Singhoff (0)

#5 Lanson (+5)
Andreas Golling (-1)
Dominik Velazquez (+1)
George Buchanan (+3)
Federico Heinemann (+2)

#6 Glinicke Autohaus (+5)
Dr. Christian Bormann (-1)
Prof. Wolfram Trudo Knoefel (-1)
Patricio Gaynor (+4)
Fernando Schweitzer (+3)

Successful premiere in Frankfurt

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