thaipolocupkickedoff-96-2015-11-191GThe Thai Polo Cup Argentina kicked off today with 4 matches. The tournament should have started on Tuesday, but it was rescheduled for Wednesday due to poor weather conditions.

Power Infraestructure 7 vs Amadeus 6
Los Nocheros 9 vs Murus Sanctus 6
Las Codornices 11.5 vs Thai Polo 9
Sonny Hill 8 vs Costa Rica 7

The Thai Polo Cup Argentina will resume tomorrow:
2 PM: Murus Sanctus vs Sealink
3:30 PM: In The Winds vs Sonny Hill

The final, to be played on November 27, will be streamed live on Chukker Tv and Pololine Tv

Los Nocheros vs. Murus Sanctus

Costa Rica vs. Sonny Hill

Thai Polo vs. Las Codornices

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