Two New 10 Goalers

HilarioHandicap Changes in Argentina

With the Argentine High goal season done and dusted the new handicaps for the top players in the world are out and there are some interesting names coming up. Most exciting, and hardly surprising after a stella performance in The Argentine Open, is Hilario Ulloa (of Alegría Assist Card), top goal scorer of the tournament and latest player to join the heady heights of 10 goal status. Another well deserved recognition is that of Guillermo Caset who is also moving up from 9 to 10 goals having had a fantastic Triple Crown with La Aguada ICBC. The performance of teammate Agustín Merlos has also merited a handicap raise, moving up from 8 goals to 9.

While two more players have moved to 10 goal status Miguel Novillo Astrada, the only 10 goaler not playing The Triple Crown, has been lowered to 9. This means that there are now nine players who sport the highest handicap in polo: Adolfo Cambiaso, Facundo Pieres, Gonzalo Pieres, Pablo Pieres, Juan Martín Nero, David Stirling, Pablo MacDonough and now Hilario Ulloa and Guillermo Caset.

Other players who have been raised include Alfredo Cappella Barabucci (of Washington Ghantoot) from 8 to 9 goals, Ezequiel Martínez Ferrario from 7 goals to 8 goals and Julián de Lusarreta and Rodrigo Rueda from 6 to 7.

But it’s not all good news from the Board of Directors at Argentine Polo Association. Among those whose handicaps have been dropped feature Eduardo Heguy and Frederick Mannix moving from 9 goals to 8 and Alberto Heguy, Bautista Heguy and Alejandro Agote moving from 8 goals down to 7.

And so the high goal season in Argentina comes to an official end. Players will now rest over Christmas with friends and families before heading to the four corners of the globe to play in high goal tournaments throughout the polo world.

Photograph: Hilario Ulloa goes to 10 goals. By ©Tony Ramirez/

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