The V La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy

La-Aguada-guards-DUPLICATELa Vanguardia Nirvana Champions in Open Door, Argentina

On December 11 the Final of the V La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy took place at La Aguada Polo Club. The competition, a testament to the strong partnership between one of Argentina’s premier clubs, La Aguada Polo Club and Guards Polo Club, featured some of the most important of Guards Polo Club’s patrons, playing in line-ups alongside the Novillo Astrada brothers.

Each of the four 16 goal teams sported a Novillo Astrada brother, making the matches even and tough. After some close games in the qualifying stages, La Vanguardia Nirvana and Ocho Rios made it through to the Final, a great match where Nicky Anderson, Williem Melchoir and Will Emerson were joined by 10 goaler Miguel Novillo Astrada for team La Vanguardia Nirvana. La Vanguardia Nirvana came out victorious 9-8 against the Ocho Rios team of Charlie Holley, Luca Zindel, Alejandro Novillo Astrada and Juan Carlos Harriot Jr.

The Subsidiary Final went to Witley Farm, who defeated Conosco 8-7. Conosco featured Mia Novillo Astrada filling in for cousin Cruz.

Charlie Holley (of La Vanguardia Nirvana) took Most Valuable Player honours, while Jeremy Pemberton (of Conosco) was the top scorer of the tournament.

The V La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy Final teams:
La Vanguardia Nirvana (16): Nicky Anderson (0), Williem Melchior (1), Will Emerson (5) & Miguel Novillo Astrada (10)
Ocho Rios (15): Charlie Holley (2), Luca Zindel (0), Alejandro Novillo Astrada (8) & Juan Carlos Harriet (5)

Photograph: La Vanguardia Nirvana raise the V La Aguada Guards Polo Trophy high. Courtesy of La Aguada Polo Club

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