matchhighlights-2-2015-12-61GWashington and Chapaluefu played their last game of the 122 Argentine Open on Palermo’s number two ground. Chapaleufu’s Bautista Heguy, who is recovering from an injury, was replaced by South African Nachi du Plessis.

The game got off to an even start, with a slight advantage for Chapaleufu in the two first chukkers. But Washington, with an intense third chukker, managed to tie the game 5-5 with a great goal by Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario. Washington’s Facu Sola scored a 30 yard penalty and a from field goal to make it 7-6 in the fourth. Eduardo Heguy also converted a penalty shot for Chapaleufu.

Washington dominated the game during the second half, especially in the seventh chukker, with scoring three unanswered goals by Alfredo Cappella and Diego Cavanagh; they widened their advantage to 14-10.

The last chukker started with a neck shot goal by Pepe Heguy to cut the margin to 3 goals (14-11). Thanks to a great team play, Washington achieved their objective and claimed their first win at Palermo.

Score Washington: 1-2, 2-4, 5-5, 7-6, 11-9, 14-10, 15-12


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