Wiseman to Face Jackson in US Open Women’s Polo Championship

Sarah-Wiseman-Left-KC-Krueger-RightSecond Round of Games Conclude with a Brit v Brit Final
The competition for the US Open Women’s Championship at Houston Polo Club in Texas has reached the final stages. Both British professionals taking part, Hazel Jackson and Sarah Wiseman, have reached the Final and will play against each other for the fifth edition of the title. Jackson has taken time out of her Argentine season to play in the USPA tournament and the games form part of Apsect Polo’s Manager Sarah Wiseman’s extensive tour around the globe on the international women’s polo circuit. This is the second year that Northern Trust has reached the Final and they will be defending their title against Rockin P/Plank Companies. BTA will face Lockton in the Subsidiary Final in a rematch of the Semi Finals.

Argentina’s Lia Salvo has had an average tournament, missing out on the Final with a fairly weak team. The handicaps of the teams seemed to be more than accurate with both the highest handicapped teams having made the Final.

In the second Semi Final of the day Wiseman and Jackson tested each other’s game plans in what would be a pre-Final test match, which ended in Northern Trust’s favour with a final score of 7-5. It wasn’t until the third chukka, which began with a 3-3 score, that Wiseman’s team broke away to score four more goals in the next two chukkas whilst Jackson’s side only managed two, thanks to Caroline Anier who converted all five penalties into goals for her team.

The Final will be held this Sunday between Northern Trust and Rocking P/Plank Companies. To watch the games live on Chukka TV click here.

Photograph: Aspect Polo’s Sarah Wiseman has made it to the Final. Courtesy of The USPA


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