Zimbabwe U25s take on the Brits

ZimbabweSpringboks see winning streak during UK tour

The Zimbabwe U25 visiting team has been playing a series of matches from Monday 31 August – Tuesday 8 September.

A match between Beaufort and a Zimbabwean visiting team took place on Monday 31 August at Fosse Tillery Farm. The Beaufort team of Sarah Hughes (0),
Janey Dear (0),
Mark Baldwin (2)
and Saffy Hutchinson (0) unfortunately lost out to the Zimbabwean team by only one and a half goals, despite Zimbabwe ending the first chukka 3-0 down.

The Zimbabwean team followed up this victory on Friday 4 September with an 8-4½ win over the Kirtlington team of Florence Berner (-1),
Hector Worsley (0),
James Fewster (0) and
Sam Tylor (1) at Kirtlington. The Zimbabwean team took the lead after good play from both teams, with the lower handicapped Kirtlington team just getting left behind as they pulled away for a convincing win.

The Zimbabwean team, consisting of Thomas Wood (1),
Alexandra Wood (0),
Judah Day (0) and Ryan Robertson (0) boast many impressive polo connections. Thomas and Alexandra are the step-children of former 7 goaler Johnny Campbell, while Judah Day is the nephew of former 5 goal player Tom Brown. Ryan Roberston, a South African player from Plettenberg Bay, completes the line up –he also works for Dougie Lund, the ex-Springbok 5 goal player.
Hilary Campbell, who is escorting the Zimbabwean team, spoke to Polo Times, “The tour was put together by David Woodd and Dee Powell who have also very kindly hosted us. We have been lent horses by Dee Powell, Grant and Tessa Collett, Shaun Brokensha, Nick Britten-Long and Rupert Lewis to whom we are hugely indebted to.”

The team will now play at Cirencester on Tuesday 8 September.

Photograph: The Zimbabwe team beat the Beaufort team last Monday. Photograph by David Woodd


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