1st POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco kicks off tomorrow

PGH-La-Palmeraie-Polo-Club-MoroccoFollowing the fantastic start of the POLO+10 WORLD TOUR in Ibiza on the past weekend (POLO+10 reported) the next station of the tour is Morocco. From 29 April to 1 May 2016 we are guests at the PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club, owned by Patrick Guerrand-Hermès.

The international team line-up includes players from Ecuador, France, the US, Austria, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Germany and Slovakia and we look forward to exciting chukkas, a fantastic polo location and a fairytale-like polo weekend as in “One Thousand and One Nights”.

The matches start on Friday, 29 April at 4.00 pm (local time) with team PGH La Palmeraie facing team Marrakech Polo Club. Subsequently team POLO+10 encounters team Voltex at 5.00 pm. On Saturday the programme includes two matches as well. In the evening a players’ party at the villa of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès, located right beside the beach, will be organised. All players will be accommodated at this villa during the whole weekend.

On Sunday the game for third place will take place at 10.00 am (local time). The final match will be held at 11.30 am (local time).

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Friday, 29th April 2016
• 4.00 pm – Match 1: PGH La Palmeraie – Marrakech Polo Club
• 5.00 pm – Match 2: POLO+10 – Voltex

Saturday, 30th April 2016
• 11.00 am – Match 3: Voltex – Marrakech Polo Club
• 5.00 pm – Match 4: PGH La Palmeraie – POLO+10

Sunday, 1st May 2016
• 10.00 am – Third and fourth place play-off
• 11.30 am – Final match

Team PGH La Palmeraie (-4)
Jean Paul Reshuan -1 (ECU)
Raymon Rafool -1 (USA)
Antoño Parra -1 (ECU)
Slava G.-Hermès -1 (FRA)

Team Marrakech Polo Club (+1)
Christoph Kerres 0 (AUT)
Natalia Kerres -1 (AUT)
Sébastien Le Page 0 (FRA)
Pablo Caseros 2 (ARG)

Team POLO+10 (0)
Vera Kubick -2 (UAE) / Thomas Wirth -2 (GER)
Anne Pascale Guedon -1 (FRA)
Martin Magal 0 (SLK)
Ignacio Tejerina 3 (ARG)

Team Voltex (-3)
Samy Jebabli -2 (FRA)
Martin Gueritot -2 (FRA)
Philip Chan 0 (UAE)
Mariano Lopez 1 (ARG)

Address: PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club, Oued Nakhla, commune Sahel Chamali, Cercle Azilah, Wilaya de Tanger, Morocco

1st POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco kicks off tomorrow

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