1st weekend Austrian Polo Open

ausby Margit Kotrosits

Under the blue sky of Ebreichsdorf near Vienna the most important polo tournament in Austria, the Austrian Polo Open, started on the last weekend. 
6 teams playing all against all for the greatest and most precious trophy in Austria.

After 3 days of close and high-class games the 2 teams Bentley-Wien and Power Horse are still unbeaten. They won all 3 matches played and are therefore favorites for the final game on Sunday 26th, 2016. The team Bentley-Wien with team captain Roby Szücs, the young and talented Bautista Bayugar and Fernando Miño (who shows his experience on this tournament that he won 2 years ago) demonstrated perfect teamwork power and speed. Team Power Horse played really good led by Joaquin Maiquez, organizing the team and showing a brilliant performance.

On Saturday June 18th Baron Richard Drasche-Wartinberg, Owner and President of Poloclub Schloss Ebreichsdorf, invited all players and sponsors in his impressive castle for an elegant reception celebrating the 25th anniversary of the club. After the speech of Dr. Piero Dillier (Member of the FIP Executive Committee / Team Happy Horse) he presented Baron Drasche a surprising gift for his efforts and personal engagement for the Austrian polo scene: An impressing original Swiss cow bell. The charity organization which will traditionally be supported this year by the club are the Clini Clowns, who are bringing laugh and hope into Austrian’s hospitals. They were represented by Dr. Susanne Rödler, giving an insight in this fantastic and important organization.

On the second weekend the guests may expect fantastic days of tough fights of the very close teams Tilman Kraus and Happy Horse and Glenfarclas and besides the games an impressive dancing show of Tango Argentino and a show of Andalusian Horses.

The Teams:
Power Horse (+10)
Walter Scherb (+1)
Leon Hauptmann (0)
Octavio Olmedo (+3)
Joaquin Maíquez (+6)

Bentley Wien (+12)
Robert Szücs (0)
Brad Rainford-Blackett (+2)
Fernando Miño (+4)
Bautista Bayugar (+6)

Glenfarclas (+12)
Robert Kofler (+1)
Koko Kofler (0)
Juan J. Storni (+5)
Santiago C. Marambio (+6)

Happy Horse (+10)
Piero Dillier (0)
Andy Bihrer (0)
Juan I. Gonzales (+4)
Lucas Labat (+6)

Tilman Kraus (+12)
Emil Kraus (0)
Martin Magal (+1)
Felix Beguerie (+5)
Agustin Maíquez (+6)

Heldwein (+10)
Renate Seidler (0)
Eugen Snachez (+1)
Ignacio Brunetto (+3)
Horacio F. Llorente (h) (+6)

1st weekend Austrian Polo Open

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