1) Adolfo Cambiaso: The Cañuelas based player had a season to remember, taking risks and showing off his unique skills, as usual. Not only did he start the season winning the Jockey Club Open with Lia Salvo, but he then went on to win the Tortugas Open, introducing six Cuartetera clones to his string. His five-year-old Clone 06 was prized by the AAP and the AACCPP – a historic occasion. He finished the season winning the Argentine Open for the thirteenth time, and was named top goal scorer of the tournament, with 40 goals.

2) Pelon Stirling: The Uruguayan showed his talent once again, proving that he will always come through when his team needs him. He shone in the Argentine Open and was rightly named MVP of the final, being the most consistent player of his team. He scored six very important goals in the final.

3) Facundo Pieres: Facu changed positions throughout the season; he started at 1 before switching to Ellerstina’s number 3. He was the clear leader of his team, directing them throughout the season and especially in the final of the Argentine Open. He cut La Dolfina’s winning streak when Ellerstina beat their rivals and claimed the Hurlingham Open.

4) Juan Martín Nero: The Trenque Lauquen local went through every stage possible this season. He started off scoring many goals in Tortugas; he got injured at the beginning of Hurlingham before failing to claim the title in the last seconds of the final; and he went into Palermo guns blazing. He played a spectacular final even though he did not have Oli Chicha in his string. But just like last year, a mare ridden by him (Vasca Harrods) was honoured by the AACCP. He finished the year in style, winning the Silver Olympia for Argentine Polo Player of the Year.

5) Gonzalo Pieres: The eldest Pieres brother had one of his best years in the Triple Crown, being a fundamental part of the Ellerstina team, leading them through times of insecurity. His best performance came in the final of the Hurlingham Open when he lead Ellerstina’s comeback in the last chukka, scoring two goals and most importantly, the golden goal in extra chukka to claim the title.

6) Hilario Ulloa: The 10-goaler was not able to count with some of his best horses, such as Lavinia Naipe. In spite of this, he gave a great season. He was the most consistent player of his team, and he re-established himself as Alegria’s number two after a doubtful performance against Washington in Tortugas. Staying at the top is not easy, and Hilario Ulloa proved that he is still worth the 10 goals he earned in 2015.

7) Joaquín Pittaluga: 2016 was an unforgettable year for Pittaluga. On October 10th, his birthday, he scored the goal that sent Cria Yatay through to Hurlingham and Palermo. Secondly, he debuted in the most important polo tournament in the world – the Argentine Open. They reached the semifinals of Palermo and his team managed to qualify directly for next year’s Triple Crown. Pittaluga gave a great performance throughout the season and was put up to 8-goals.

8) Juan Gris Zavaleta: Negrito also had a dream season. One of the best players of the Qualification tournament, Zavaleta and his team made it through to Hurlingham and Palermo. They had a tough ride in Hurlingham, but they showed they were up for the occasion in Palermo. Zavaleta was a fundamental part of his team, showing his talent when La Irenita beat El Paraíso to qualify directly for next year’s Triple Crown.

9) Pablo Mac Donough: He showed that he is one of the best at dominating the ball and at hitting long strikes. Mac Donough has to be one of the players with the most accurate pass rate, and lowest number of unforced errors. He showed his class in the Argentine Open final, giving the highest number of assists. He always plays 10-goals.

10) Nicolás Pieres: It was a great year for Nico Pieres, who returned as Ellerstina’s Back. He gave a great performance throughout the Triple Crown, and really stood out in Palermo. The AAP have raised him to 10-goals, at only 25 years of age.

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