2016 Triple Crown Dates Set In Argentina

triplecrownOfficial Autumn and Spring Tournament Dates

The official tournament schedule for the Argentine autumn season has been released by the Argentine Polo Association (AAP). The ‘big’ season may be over in Argentina, but the ‘little’ season is just getting started with plenty of tournaments for the players, and ponies, which have remained in the country, to enjoy. The so-called ‘little’ season is often a time when players take the opportunity to play and train up young horses, ready for the high season starting in September. After a break over Christmas, it won’t be long before Argentina is filled to the brim with polo once more. The first tournament, the Abierto de Chapaleufú, is set to take place at the end of January. For a full list of the autumn season tournaments click here.

In a meeting to set the dates for the autumn season, the AAP have also settled on dates for the next spring season, confirming the high goal tournaments that will be the focus of attention for all those playing now. The high goal spring season gets underway with the Campeonato Abierto del Club Militar San Jorge set for 1 September. Once the tournaments begin, it is full on, the next tournament being the Jockey Club Open. This tournament is often seem as a warm-up to the Triple Crown series, therefore attracting some of the biggest teams in Argentina to test out formations, ponies and tactics. The tournament will begin with the first match on 13 September. Then on to the Triple Crown series, starting off with the Tortugas Open September 27 – 15 October. The Qualification Tournament will be going on simultaneously as teams of 31 goals and below battle it out to earn a place in The Hurlingham and Argentine Opens. These two tournaments, the highlights of the Argentine season, will be taking place from 18 October (The Hurlingham Open) and 19 November (The Argentine Open).

The Argentine Triple Crown tournament dates for 2016:

Tortugas Open: September 27 – 15 October

Hurlingham Open: October 18 – 5 November

The Argentine Open: November 19 – 10 December

Photograph: Action from the 2015 Argentine high goal season. By Katie Vickery


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