Iran-Army-PodioThe 7th Edition of the Khoramshahr Cup, the Polo event of the Season, started after the Jaame Honar (Arts Cup), wich is a Ladies Tournament, that took place a week earlier. This 2-day event presented 5 teams.
The tournament was performed in the following way: Day 1 Qasr-e Firuzeh A played the Army team in a 4 chukker match. The other three teams Qasr-e Firuzeh B, Kanoon Chogan and Nowrooz Abad played a Round Robin match.
The first match of Day 1 saw the host team Qasr-e Firuzeh A Team play the Army Team; due to a handicap difference the Army Team started with 1 goal advantage. The first chukker went by scoreless, but in the second and third the Army Team got the lead with 4 goals to 0. In an immense effort to win the game Qasr-e Firuzeh A Team played a wonderful fourth chukker scoring three goals. Alas the host team’s efforts were futile against the Army Team; Final score of the game: 4-3 for the Army Team. This match would take the army straight to the final.

The second part of Day 1 were the Round Robin matches; in the first game, Kanoon Chogan beat Qasr-e Firuzeh B, 6-1; the second match had Qasr-e Firuzeh B play Nowrooz Abad, and resulted a victory for Qasr-e Firuzeh B 3 to 1. And in the last game Kanoon Chogan defeated Nowrooz Abad 2 to 1.

On the second day of the event, Qasr-e Firuzeh A, defeated by the Army Team, agreed to play a Round Robin match with both Qasr-e Firuzeh B and Nowrooz Abad although the later was already disqualified in the previous round robin matches. The first game confronted the two host teams Qasr-e Firuzeh A & B, the second team started with ½ goal advantage due to handicap, the 2 chukker game was goalless but due to advantage Qasr-e Firuzeh B possessed it took the 3rd position in the clasification. Qasr-e Firuzeh A the played another 2 chukker match against Nowrooz Abad that resulted in a tie game at 4.
The final was played in the golden hour. The Army Team was going to play Kanoon Chogan. The Behboodi brothers each played in different teams, Mohammadreza, the elder, Iran’s highest handicap player (3) playing for Kanoon Chogan, against his brother Amirreza, starting the season with 1 goal handicap, who played for the Army Team. After a tought but wonderful gam eplayed by both teams, not only in front of the many spectators that came to watch the game in the Farah Abad (or Qasr-e Firuzeh) Polo Club but also the millions that were watching the match through the National Sports Channel; Finally, the Army Team was able o defeat Kanoon Chogan by 3 goals to 2.

The Army quartet raised the Khoramshahr Cup in its 7th Edition.

Day 1
Qasr-e Firuzeh A vs. Army
3 – 4
Kanoon Chogan vs. Qasr-e Firuzeh B
6 – 1
Qasr-e Firuzeh B vs. Nowrooz Abad
3 – 1
Kanoon Chogan vs. Nowrooz Abad
2 – 1
Day 2
Qasr-e Firuzeh A vs. Qasr-e Firuzeh B
0 – ½
Qasr-e Firuzeh A vs. Nowrooz Abad
4 – 4
Kanoon Chogan vs. Army
2 – 3

NEZAJA: Armed Forces (Army)
1.Moein Shokouhi (-1)
2.Amirreza Behbudi (1)
3.Saeid Hossein Bouri (0)
4.Maassoud Mozafari (0)
Qasr-e Firuzeh A
1.Xerxes Gonzalez (-1)
2.Behzad Haji Sharafi (1)
3.Amirali Zolfaghari (1)
4.Amirali Abidi
Qasr-e Firuze B
1.Mostafa Edalatzadeh (-1)
2.Amirreza Shapouri (0)
3.Esmaïl Emami (1)
4.Bahram Jahanbani (1)
Kanoon Chogan
1.Bahador Babaei (0)
2.Javad Poorsaadati (-2)
3.Mehdi Poorsaadati (1)
4.Mohammadreza Behbudi (3)

Nowrooz Abad
1.Hossein Rezakhanloo (-1)
2.Mehdi Seddighi (0)
3.Siamak Ilkhanizadeh (2)
4.Farhad Azari (1)


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