Six teams up to 20 goals, are currenty playing the Copa de Oro de Agualinda, at Caracas Polo, in Tucacas, Venezuela.

The tournament showcases a total of 18 professional players. Silvestre Donovan, Juan José Brané, José Donoso, Gerardo Collardin, Julio Novillo Astrada, Juan Ambroggio, are aming the 5-7 handicapped players who are in competition.

The results up to this date are as follows:

Friday, September 9
Sebucan 10 v Rancho Temprano 9
Caracas Polo 10 v Los Samanes I 8
Los Samanes II 8 v Las Aguilas 7

Saturday, September 10
Los Samanes II 11 v Rancho Temprano 9
Caracas Polo 12 v Sebucan 8
Los Samanes I 9 v Las Aguilas 8

Wednesday, September 14
Sebucan 9 v Las Aguilas 6
Caracas Polo 12 v Rancho Temprano 6
Samanes I 8 v Samanes II 8

Action will resumemon Friday, September 16 with three games:

12pm: Rancho Temprano v Las Aguilas
2pm: Sebucan v Los Samanes I
4pm: Los Samanes II v Caracas Polo

The match for the fifth place will be held on Friday, September 23, as well as yhr semifinals. The finals are due on Saturday, September 24.

Sebucan vs. Las Aguilas

Caracas Polo vs. Rancho Temprano

Los Samanes I vs. Los Samanes II

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