schockemoehlepolostud-80-2016-7-71GLocated in Muehlen almost near the border with The Netherlands, Schockemoehle Polo Stud is offering a wide array of services combined by a perfect laid back atmosphere and top notch facilities, a combination that offers their clients and patrons a “holiday-like” experience when they visit the stud farm.

But before the polo farm was founded by Vanessa Schockemoehle, an expert in horse breeding and training coming from one of the most traditional showjumping families in Germany, and Patrick Maleitzke, one of the most recognized German polo players in the circuit, the place had already almost 1000 years of history: the first farm was deeded in 1359. The famous gable of the house, which is still conserved, was built in 1908. It wasn’t until 1914, when the farm was transferred to Joseph Alwin Schockemoehle that the direction of it was shifted towards horse and cattle breeding, being awarded several prizes in the 1920’s. In 1933, Aloys Schockemoehle took over the farm, and when he passed away, the farm management was inherited by Vanessa’s father, Alwin Schockemoehle. Alwin and his brother Paul, were very successful show jumpers recognized worldwide, her father winning two olympic gold medals, a silver one and a bronze one; as well as two European Championship gold medals, three silver and two bronze, all between 1960 and 1975. When he retired from competitions, he dedicated completely to breeding showjumping horses, becoming one of the most recognized in Europe.

Six years ago, Vanessa and her partner Patrick Maleitzke, had the idea of shifting once again part of the direction of the farm into polo. And so, La Llovizna Polo Stud, now named Schockemoehle Polo Stud, was born. They also created in 2014 the Polo Club Muehlen in the premises. There, patrons, players and horses train together in a family environment and share experiences. The facilities include:

– A full-size polo field and a training field, that offer optimal conditions in the summer
– An indoor arena, one of the largest in Europe, 120 mts x 60 mts, perfect for the winter
– An outdoor arena for riding training
– Covered racetrack of 1,5 km
– Two racecourses of 1km and 2km long
– Horse walker for 12 horses with 8 different programs
– Water therapy for the horses in order to maintain the musculoskeletal system in shape, and improve tendon and joint problems
– Magnetic therapy and shockwave device for treating joints and tendon system
– Polo Argentino breeding center and sale of ponies
– Embryo Transfer
– Lodging, transportation and maintenance of horses

Schockemoehle Polo Stud has partnered with PoloLine to show its offer, and we will be presenting the best studs and mares, Polo Argentinos with great and recognized bloodlines very soon.


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