theperfectmatch-74-2016-7-201GI could tell how important the image was just by looking at it. It is one of those photographs which tells us exactly what is happening, and what is going to happen.

On one hand, Adolfo Cambiaso is showing his skill: his flexibility, his stability, and his confidence. Everything that makes him number one. One the other hand, his horse is checking and turning perfectly.

Cambiaso shows us the importance of simultaneous vision (perfect vision): He focuses on the play he is about to make (focus) while keeping the ball under his control (peripheral vision). His shoulders and hips, together with his left leg, hand, reins (occasionally), weight (placed on the right side), order the horse to turn (aids). His right leg leads the process.

The horse responds with ease. His posterior right leg is placed beneath the body and acts like a pivot, balancing the weight of the rider and the horse as it prepares to boost itself forward.

The horse’s posterior left leg thrusts forward diagonally, ready for the turn. The front right leg leads the way, along with the left, which curiously, rotates inwards.

The horse takes a peculiar position with its head and neck (good profile), and the player exerts no pressure on the reins besides the necessary tension on the bridle.

A great photograph, with a great rider, which can teach the viewer plenty!

Polo photography lets us analyse both horse and rider, providing an opportunity for learning and improvement.

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Eduardo Amaya
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