The APPL continued at Pilar Chico with two exciting, open games. The results
were are followed:

* Pampas 4 vs Kings 7
* Bantues 7 vs Koalas 7

Pampas: Jero del Carril, Isidro Strada, Fran Rodriguez Mera, Josh Daniels
Kings: Richard Le Poer, Brio Rigeaud, Geronimo Obregon, Russell Stimmel
Bantues: Santiago Loza, Matt Coppola, Tommy Beresford, Tiago Gallego
Koalas: Segundo Bocchino, Felipe Viana, Marcos Menditeguy, Nico Escobar

“The games today were good to watch,” explains Javier Tanoira, founder of the APPL. “Sometimes the guys fall back into old habits and tap the ball, but the rules kick in to make sure they hit and run, and play open polo.”

“I especially liked watching the second match, between Bantues and Koalas,” continues Tanoira. “You could tell that everyone was taking the tournament seriously; the games are competitive and the players want to win. The field was in great condition. It was a fun day and we are looking forward to the finals.”

The tournament finals will be played on Wednesday, December 4, at 16:30pm. The APPL will also host an exhibition match between Team USPA and Argentina.

Team USPA:
Juan Martin Obregon, Felipe Viana, Matt Coppola, Geronimo Obregon, Russell Stimmel / Jake Stimmel.

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