theapplhitsspain-64-2016-7-181GThe All Pro Polo League (APPL) continues its international tour as it leaves England and heads to sunny Spain.

The APPL stems from Javier Tanoira’s ambition to take polo back to the glory days. His aim is simple: to encourage dynamic, open polo and motivate a professional attitude towards the sport.

The APPL hopes to make polo a simpler, more enjoyable spectator sport by enhancing the qualities that make the game so thrilling. A new set of rules has been put in place to simplify the game, not only for spectators, but for players and umpires as well. The league fosters principals of respect and camaraderie, while allowing the game to grow in speed and skill.

All games will be held at Punte de Hierro, Sotogrande.

Thursday, July 21:
6pm: Pampas vs Eagles
7pm: Kings vs Bantues

The final will be held on Saturday, July 23, at 11am. For more information head to

* KINGS: Santi Zubiaurre, Marcos Menditeguy, Maxi Malacalza and Alvaro Alvarez
* PAMPA: Jero del Carril, Pascual S. de Vicuña, Luis Domecq and Juani Vidal
* BANTUES: Nico Espain, Diogo Gallego, Pelayo Berazadi and Rocho Torreguitar
* EAGLES: Rob Jornayvaz, Tiago Gallego, Segundo Bocchino and Martin Iturraspe

Photo credit: Sergio Llamera

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