archiedavidcup2016-theactionkickedoff-82-2016-6-61GA total of 30 teams are taking part in the Archie David Cup, the UK’s leading 8-goal tournament, at Guards Polo Club.

The tournament kicked off on Friday and continued on Sunday.

The scores were as follows:
Vardags 6 vs Yaguara 4
Eclipse Strategic Security 7 vs Surrey Polo 6
Tashan Polo 9 vs Renegade 6
Libertine/Four Quarters 6 vs Nipas 5
Chester/Stobart 4 vs Inspirit/Kildare 3
Leander/Los Alquimistas 2 vs Park Place 8
Clarita 3 vs White Crane 9.5
Previse Polo Team 6 vs Nipas 7

This is the second consecutive year that Vardags, the UK’s number one divorce solicitor, have supported polo by sponsoring a team. Last year, Vardags Polo Team boasted an all-female lineup, with the hopes of promoting women’s polo. For the current season they decided to sponsor a mixed team to set an example and foster equality in the sport.

Vardags Polo Team: Luis Aguirre, Sarah Wiseman, Alice Gipps and Miguel Ayala.

The Archie David Cup will resume on Tuesday with the following order of play:
11am: Il Sole vs Tex8n Polo
3pm: Apes Hill vs Tempest/Los Lobos
4.15pm: Sea Island Coffee vs Sladmore/Twelve Oaks

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