Arena Handicap Changes announced

25 Players’ Handicaps Changed

Following the Mid Season Handicap meeting on Monday 19 December 25 players’ handicaps have been changed. These amendments will come into effect on Tuesday 20 December 2016. Max Charlton and Ryan Pemble have had their brackets removed to become confirmed 9 and 8 goals respectively whilst Tom Morley has gone down to (6) from 7 joining Daniel Otamendie who also receives brackets on (6). Leon Allen and Phil Seller have brackets added to become (5) and (4) respectively. 4 goalers Tomas Palacios-Bacque and Ed Morris-Lowe, who recently represented England in the Westcroft Park Polo Club International Test Match, have had their brackets removed.


Removal of Brackets

Max Charlton from (9) to 9

Ryan Pemble from (8) to 8

Leon Allen from (5) to 5

Ed Morris-Lowe from (4) to 4

Tomas Palacios-Bacque from (4) to 4

Michael Amoore from (3) to 3

Joaquine Bossingnon Ternes from (3) to 3

Clive Reid from (1) to 1



Brackets Added

Phil Seller from 4 to (4)

Emanuel Arber from 0 to (0)

Daniel Otamendie from 6 to (6)


Going Down

Tom Morley has gone down from (7) to (6)

Abi Meakin has gone down from 2 to 1


Going Up

Juan Leiva has gone up from 3 to 4

Johann Spendier has gone up from 2 to 3

Joe Arber has gone up from 1 to 2

James Crossley has gone up from 1 to (2)

Nick Nott has gone up from 1 to 2

Charles Knott has gone up from (0) to 1

George Marsden has gone up from 0 to 1

Genevieve Meadows has gone up from 0 to 1

John Bagley has gone up from (-1) to 0

Guy German has gone up from -1 to 0

Mhairi Evetts has gone up from -1 to 0

Christobel Horswell has gone up from- 1 to 0


Photograph: James Crossley in action during the warm up game for the International Test Match at Westcroft Park Polo Club. By Lucy Wilson

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