Around the globe with POLO+10!

polo-plus-10-world-tour-2016The most important basic information and everything you want to know about the POLO+10 World Tour. Thomas Wirth, owner of POLO+10, explains the backgrounds of the tour and answers frequently asked questions.
What exactly is the POLO+10 World Tour?
Thomas: The tour is a tournament series around the globe, organised by POLO+10. We play at the most prestigious and exotic polo clubs. Destinations such as Morocco, India, China and Mexico, but also Argentina and the famous Polo Club de Chantilly close to Paris are part of the tour this year. We want to make polo dreams come true and to bring the players to places where they would not be playing autonomously, because the financial and logistic effort is too high. As we have an exclusive cooperation with the clubs we have the possibility to organise and offer a tournament at terms which a single player would not receive. It is a very attractive deal, the players benefit from this.

The POLO+10 World Tour is a combination of polo tournament, coaching, party atmosphere and holiday feeling. Furthermore the cultural background of the respective place will have influence on the social programme. POLO+10 will take care of the entire organisation, all services such as the polo ponies and grooms, accommodation, food and social programme are included. Only the flights have to be booked and paid by the players themselves. All they have to do is playing polo and having tons of fun!

What are the stations of the POLO+10 World Tour?
Thomas: On the past weekend we have experienced a charming and sensational successful start of the tour, this weekend the tour continues directly with the POLO+10 Patrons’ Cup Morocco at the PGH La Palmeraie Polo Club of Patrick Guerrand-Hermès. Furthermore this year schedule includes tournaments in Mexico, India, France, China, Argentina and the Caribbean. But there are still more stations we would like to add to the tour. For example right now Hawaii and South Africa are in the works and an additional tournament in Ibiza for this autumn is being planned.

POLO+10 takes care of the complete organisation of the tournaments as well as the guidance of the tour?
Thomas: We take care of everything, from the organisation of the tournaments including the polo ponies and grooms to the social programme to the accommodation. In case a problem comes up during the tournament of course we will take care of it immediately.

How will the players get from the airport to the club?
Thomas: For each tournament we organise a shuttle service, which will take the players and the luggage safely and directly to the club.

What about the horses the participants will play with? Are these experienced polo ponies?
Thomas: The horses will be supplied by the participating clubs. These will be educated polo ponies, corresponding to the respective playing levels. Each tournament begins with the choice of the horses and a try-out.

How many chukkas does each participants play at the tournaments?
Thomas: Each participant plays at least 12 chukkas on at least three days. At least four teams will be playing, women and men will be playing together in mixed teams.

Is there a possibility to book additional training sessions at the clubs?
Thomas: Yes, this is possible in most cases. Just ask us, we would love to take care of it.

Do the tournaments include a social programme?
Thomas: Sure! We want the participants to also have fun next to the playing field. This is why we organise club dinners, asados, players’ parties and if possible we also organise excursions to the surroundings of the clubs so the participants will get to know the country and its people. We make sure that at all tournaments the participants will not be bored for one second!

How can I participate in the POLO+10 World Tour?
Thomas: Just write me an email to and I will send you all relevant information.

Here you can find all information about the POLO+10 World Tour: → POLO+10 World Tour

Around the globe with POLO+10!

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