philippinesmadeittothesemis-51-2016-1-121GGroup stage for the All Asia Cup 2016 came to an end on monday after the last two games were played. This way, final positions for pool B have been established.

The first match saw Indonesia claiming their third victory in a row and, like Thailand, they remain unbeaten in the tournament. It was a 9-3 1/2 win over a Chinese team that couldn’t do much against one of the most solid teams so far in the cup.

Up next it was the time to find out who was going to join Indonesia in the main cup semifinals and who was going to join China in the Subsidiary one. Great level of polo was senn during big part of the game but Philippines got away with the win after a 6-3 1/2 final score.

Activity will resume on wednesday with the semifinals for the Subsidiary Cup, with the following order of play:
4:30 PM: South Korea vs Brunei
5:30 PM: Mongolia vs China

Then, on thursday, the order will be as follows:
4:30 PM: Thailand vs Philippines
5:30 PM: Indonesia vs Malaysian Tigers
Finals for the All Asia Cup 2016 will be on saturday.

Philippines vs Brunei

Indonesia vs China

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