Aspen-V-4goal-2Three goals from Grant Ganzi carried Aspen Valley (Will Jacobs, Tato Bollini, Grant Ganzi and Juan Bollini to a 5-3 win over an out-gunned SeaCap lineup (Mike Davis, Juanse Olivera, Martin Phagouape and Juan Olivera) in a Sunday Morning Aspen Valley 4-goal match at the Grand Champions Polo Club.
SeaCap received two goals by handicap in the Sunday morning contest and added to it with a goal from Mike Davis. Aspen Valley was unable to mount a successful attack in the opening chukker and fell behind, 3-0.
Aspen Valley goals from Juan Bollini and Grant Ganzi highlighted second chukker action with SeaCap unable to respond. At the end of the first half of the four chukker game, SeaCap maintained thee lead by a narrow 3-2 margin.
Ganzi provided all of the firepower in the third period, scoring twice from the field. Once again the Aspen Valley defense proved to be up to the task and held SeaCap scoreless. With one chukker remaining in regulation play, Aspen Valley took the lead, 4-3.
Tato Bollini scored the final goal of the game in muted fourth chukker action. Once again, SeaCap was held scoreless and fell to Aspen Valley, 5-3.
Ganzi led all scorers with three goals. Tato Bollini and Juan Bollini each added a goal for the win. Davis scored the only goal of the game for SeaCap. Seacap also received two goals by handicap.

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