The-Limited-Edition-8-Goal-Podio-470x353Three opening goals and a shutout defensive performance by the Longfield Farms’ (Juanse Olivera, Ezequiel Zubiaurre, Tommy Biddle and Duke Buchan) defense got the ball rolling but it was eight goals from Tommy Biddle that led his team to an 11-7 win over Smithfield (Christian Weisz, Julio Ezcurra, Andres Weisz and Craig Callen) Tuesday afternoon in the final of the Limited Edition 8-goal Series at the Grand Champions Polo Club.
First chukker goals by Tommy Biddle, Ezequiel Zubiaurre and Juanse Olivera went unanswered as Smithfield was unable to penetrate a determined Longfield defense. At the end of the first chukker it was Longfield Farms 3-0 over Smithfield.
Smithfield scored the first two goals of the second period on efforts by Christian Weisz and Julio Ezcurra, 3-2. Biddle countered with a 30-yard penalty conversion and a goal from the field. Longfield Farms retained their three goal lead, 5-2.
Andres Weisz got Smithfield on the scoreboard with his first goal of the game in the third chukker, 5-3, but Biddle was just getting warmed up. A 30-yard penalty goal and another goal from the field by the powerful-hitting 5-goaler extended the Longfield Farms lead to four goals at the end of the first half, 7-3.
A 60-yard penalty conversion from Biddle greeted Smithfield as the fourth chukker got underway, 8-3, when Andres Weisz got his game on track. A penalty goal and a goal from the field cut the Longfield Farms lead back to three goals 8-5, with Smithfield struggling to stay in the game.
The two teams traded goals in the fifth with Olivera and Biddle (penalty goal) scoring for Longfield Farms and Smithfield responding with a pair of goals from Andres Weisz (one on a 30-yard penalty shot). Longfield Farms continued to control the game, 10-7, with one chukker remaining in regulation play.
It was only fitting that the final goal of the game and the only score in the sixth chukker came from the mallet of Biddle as he converted a 40-yard penalty shot for the 11-7 victory in the Limited Edition 8-goal Series.
Biddle led the field in scoring with eight goals five on penalty conversions) and was named MVP for his efforts. Olivera added two goals and Zubiaurre scored once for the win. Andres Weisz scored three of his team-high five goals from the field. Christian Weisz and Ezcurra added single goals for Smithfield. Weisz’s mare, Bella, earned Best Playing Pony honors.

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