In a thrilling 5 chukkers match, the team of La Bien Mirada beat Power Horse by 9 to 8 and claimed the third edition of the Thai Polo Cup Argentina. A total of 16 teams took part of the most remarkable patron`s tournament of the spring Argentine season held at the Tha Polo Club Argentina in Pilar.

The day featured several matches and the definition of its 4 Cups: Minuto 7, Localiza, La Martina and Thai Polo. Before the main game, the brazilian Tigres Invernada upset Los Cocos and get the 3rd place. Afterwards, the guests enjoyed an exclusive antique cars parade, presented by the Club de Autos Clásicos Sport City Bell.

Already in the big final, Power Horse had a very good start, scoring the first goals. An inspired Gaston Maiquez almost controlled the first minutes of the match with no effective defense by La Bien Mirada. Step by step Fabio Meier`s team found its way, thanks to a great performance of Pablo Jauretche and a good defense by Pato Bolanterio. Both Meier and Juan Jauretche (responsable of the best goal of the game, brought a very effective defense.

La Bien Mirada arrived to halftime with advantage. Before the start of the second half, a race between a Bugatti and India, Salvador Jauretche´s mare, was held on the main field to entretain the guests.

The secod and last parto of the contest, saw an impressive performance of both Jaurecthes alongside with a strong Fabio Meier. Despite Gaston Maiquez good efforts to close the gap, La Bien Mirada ended up claiming the win. Umpires: Esteban Ferrari and Federico Martelli. MVP Pablo Jauretche.

After the awards ceremony, the expected show by the argentine group Malevo started. The finalists of the America`s Got Talen tv show, entretained the whole audience with a fantastic performance.

A unique farewel for a spectacular tournament that was definitely one of the highlights of the season.

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