Butler Handicap game 5

butlerGame 5

The polo gods held the Thunderstorms at bay long enough to play, but the thunder hit the field anyway in an intense matchup between Postage Stamp Farm and Tupungato. Joao Paulo Ganon Muscled his way through scoring 7 of the 9 goals for Postage Stamp Farm. Tommy Biddle took care of 6 of the 10 goals for Tupungato but also had two yellow flags by the end of the third Chukker. Second half started 3 on 4 for two minutes giving Postage Stamp Farm time to take the lead 9-8. But in the end Postage Stamp Farm couldn’t hold on and Tupungato finished them 10-9. Tupungato started with 1 goal on Handicap.

Final Score: Tupungato 10 – Postage Stamp Farm 9

Luis Bacon (A)
Juan Martin Zubia (5)
Naco Taverna (6)
Tommy Biddle (5)


Postage Stamp Farm
Annabelle Gundlach (A)
Nick Manifold (5)
Brandon Phillips (5)
Joao Paulo Ganon (7)

Game 6

Peter Brant’s White Birch defeats Louis Bacon’s Northwood 8 – 4. Hilario Ulloa and Mariano Aguerre worked with each other seamlessly for a combined 7 goals scored. Santino Magrini continues to show maturity displaying great situational awareness as well as horsemanship. Northwood was uncharacteristically held to 4 goals today but I doubt we have seen the last of what they can do in the Butler Handicap.

Final Score: White Birch 8 – Northwood 4

White Birch
Santino Magrini (1)
Hilario Ulloa (9)
Mariano Aguerre (9)
Peter Brant (1)


Louis Bacon (A)
Gonzalo Garcia Del Rio (5)
Tomas Garcia Del Rio (8)
Mariano Gonzalez (7)


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