Butler Handicap – Game 8

Butler-HandicapEasily one of the best matches of the season. Northwood defeats Tupungato 13-12 in Over Time. Tupungato started with 4 goals on handicap. Right out of the first bowl in Juan Martin Zubia scored to make it a quick 5 – 0 Tupungato. From then on it was back forth. A lot of hard bumps and a couple falls didn’t keep the two teams from matching each others grit and determination. MVP, Tomas Garcia del Rio, scored 5 goals. Filling in for the injured Louis Bacon was 1 goal Argentine Ignacio Elizalde. Tommy Biddle scored 2 from the field and 4 from the penalty line.

Ignacio Elizalde (1)
Marcos Garcia del Rio (4)
Tomas Garcia del Rion (8)
Mariano Gonzalez (7)


Luis Rinaldini (A)
Juan Martin Zubia (5)
Naco Taverna (6)
Tommy Biddle (5)

Current Tournament Standings

White Birch 3-0

Airstream 2-1

Northwood 2-1

Tupungato 1-3

Postage Stamp Farm 0-3

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