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The 3rd day of the CAIH in the Estancia Grande Polo Club in the Province of San Luis took place on Monday and the candidates to fight for the Copa Sesquicentenario de la Revolucion de Mayo are beggining to show.

In the first match Hípico Santa Catalina from Corrientes faced La Arisca from Tucumán. While it looked like an easy game for the first, La Arisca played its best match of the championship so far and in the 5th chukka got to a draw. However, a goal from Cardozp and another one from Guillermo Usandizaga made the team from Corrientes take the lead and have good chances to get the title.

Hípico Santa Catalina ERSA (Corrientes): Walter Cardozo 2 (3 goals), Gustavo Usandizaga 5 (6, 2 penalties), Segundo Roca 4 (1) y Guillermo Usandizaga 5 (4). Total: 16.

La Arisca (Tucumán): Bernardo Pastorino 1, Bautista Paz Posse 3 (1), Gonzalo Paz Posse 4 (1) y Franco Gai (h) 6 (6, 3 penalties, 1 corner). Total: 14.

Hípico Santa Catalina: (0-2) 2-4, 5-5, 7-6, 9-7, 12-9 y 14-10.

Judge: Esteban Ferrari.

The second match from the zone was between the two local teams in a final to see who would face the zone playoffs versus Hípico Santa Catalina. Los Sauces had a great match from the beginning till the end, and neutralized Estancia Grande, the result was 7-3.

Los Sauces (San Luis): Juan Carlos Sánchez 2 (1), Ezequiel Sánchez 4 (2), Rodrigo Sánchez 2 and Cristian Bernal 5 (3 penalties). Total: 13.

Estancia Grande (San Luis): Jerónimo Venturini 2, Jorge Iturrioz 2, Esteban Iturrioz 4 (1) y Fernando Reynot Blanco 5 (2 penalties). Total: 13.

Los Sauces: (0-0) 1-0, 2-0, 5-2, 6-2, 7-3 y 7-3.

Judge: Gastón Lucero.

In the third match of the day, it seemed like Venado Tuerto would have ended the success of San Gonzalo as they entered the last chukka with a 2-goal difference, but the draw achieved by Etcheverry when the final bell rang forced the supplementary time. During this period, San Gonzalo took the lead and thanks to a goal by Sebastian Petracchi, they could keep their winning streak. San Gonzalo keeps winning and is now at a short step from the final.

San Gonzalo (Córdoba): Lucas Boccolini 2, Sebastián Petracchi 4 (5, 1 penalty), Sebastián Borghi 5 (1) and Horacio Etcheverry 5 (3). Total: 16.

Venado Tuerto (Santa Fe): Gonzalo Ferrari 1, Federico Rooney 4 (2 penalties), Marcos Rooney 5 (3, 1 penalty) y Gastón Beguerie 5 (2, 1 penalty). Total: 15.

San Gonzalo: (0-1) 1-2, 2-4, 3-6, 4-6, 5-7, 8-8 y 9-8.

Judge: Gastón Lucero.

The other undefeated team from the zone, Chapaleufú, took on Club de Campo Triunfo Seguros from Mendoza, and the final score was 13-5 for the team from La Pampa.

Chapaleufú (La Pampa): Nicolás Garzarón 1 (2), Alberto Garzarón 4 (3), Iván Lariguet 5 (3, uno de penal) and Andrés Lariguet 5 (5, 2 penalties). Total: 15.

Club de Campo Triunfo Seguros (Mendoza): Gustavo Yañez 3 (4, 1 penalty and 2 corners), Gonzalo Guiñazú 4, Francisco Guiñazú 4 y Sergio Yañez 3. Total: 14.

Chapaleufú: (0-1) 1-1, 3-2, 4-3, 6-4, 11-4 y 13-5.

Juez: Martín Haurie.

After a 1-day rest, the cup continues on Wednesday 4th:

11.00 – Zone B – Club de Campo Triunfo Seguros (Mendoza) vs. Pompeya – La Paz (Córdoba);

12.30 – Zone B –San Gonzalo (Córdoba) vs. Chapaleufú (La Pampa);

14.00 – Zone A –La Arisca (Tucumán) vs. La Justina (Entre Ríos); and

15.30 – Zone A –Hípico Santa Catalina ERSA (Corrientes) vs. Los Sauces (San Luis).

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