On playing the Camara after getting injured last year before the kick off: “I had a fall in the last practice the day before our first game last year and I broke my foot and ripped all the ligaments in my ankle. I was devastated not to be able to play but glad to have a replacement with Matt Perry who is a great player! The team this year is going well in practices and we shall see how we get on, fingers crossed, there is more pressure defending a title but we are looking forward to getting started”.

On a new edition of the Copa El Remanso: “It’s been really difficult trying to organize everything with the weather. Last minute sadly we had a couple of teams we had to call out because of other commitments, but good to get it done and today we couldn’t get a better day”.

On the level of horses during the tournament: “It was well organised with the Oriental breeding and everything from Pelon (Stirling) and Jejo (Taranco) and La Sterlina, so obviously we were worried about horses and everything but we were happy on the way we played and good result”.

On the Lovelocks horses to be used during the Camara and the Municipalidad: “We’ve got a lot at the moment of the 6 and 7 years old main groups at the moment, lot of them playing with James Beim and Tom beim and people like that and they are playing all the tournaments at La Dolfina at the moment. They should be ready for the Camara”.

Lovelocks horses to pay attention on: “Lovelocks Idealistic is pretty good, that was a Sportivo-Idealista and I’m thinking about another one to pick. Lovelocks Dick, Durazno-Pretty Woman”.

On the growing of the El Remanso at Lobos year after year: “Improving every year, the fields are now getting better and better, obviously attracting more people to come up here. We are trying to bring more and more the decent players to the area which is great”.

On Lovelocks horses that will be playing in England next season: “We’ve got a lot in England ready. They will be playing in the high goal next year; the 15 they’re probably be there for that, which are exciting. A lot played by Alec White, James Beim, my brother, myself. It’s an exciting time. In the next couple of years we’ll see lot of the horses”.
The Camara de Diputados Cup will kick off on Friday in Pilar with the following order of play:
10am: La Dolfina Río Uruguay Seguros vs. La Quinta
10am: Alegría HPA vs. Los Machitos Etiqueta Negra
12pm: Coronel Suárez II vs. Coronel Suárez
12pm: El Paso Polo Ranch vs. La Cabaña
2pm: La Mariana vs. Capilla del Señor Vetifarma Unión del Salado
2pm: La Indiana Biopolo vs. La California
4pm: El Remanso vs. Las Rosas
4pm: La Esquina Navarro Correas vs. La Fija Namuncurá

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