By Steve Crowder

Fred Mannix goes for a big one again in 2016 in the Semis of the big one Palermo or the Argentine Open either way it is the big one and they will do it one more time as they head for the final showdown with Elestina  which has not been there favorite venue of late as they are a bit behind in the W section but we all know any day could be your day in Polo . Just maybe they can pull another big one they have Sapo back which should help and they still have Hilario and you know he can run and play with anyone so it should be fun to see and you can all the way from the USA just tune in on your computer . Wear your Maple Leafs they need all the help they can get  it may also be on ESPN Spanish channel . The one thing we do not know is rain on the way . Another Mannix is in a big one as well as Julian, Freds baby brother is in the finals of the Camry which is one of the biggest tournaments not in the Triple Crown but a very tough tournament to win as they usually have 15 to 20 teams from 24 to 30 goals.   That’s why you need to play polo in the Desert it has  rained out very often in 60 years. The other semis is La Dolphina vs Cria Yatay organized by the face of Polo Mr Nacho himself . He is a very great person for Polo and he has done amazing things but I do not even Nacho can make this happen . I just do not and I think Nacho is the most important person in Polo today .  Thinking about WINTER POLO and having fun and money in the bank for the Summer run look at Empire and El Dorado THEY MAKE IT WORK FOR YOU AND NO MATTER WHERE YOU ARE THE WEATHER HERE WILL BE BETTER HERE.

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