After 15 intense days of polo at the Caracas Polo, in Tucacas, Venezuela, the Copa de Oro Agualinda has come to an end after the finals played on Saturday. The matchday included 3 games which set the positions of the 6 participating teams.

The match for the fifth place opened the day where Las Aguilas faced Samanes II. It was an even game, with both teams showing good defending skills, but where Samanes II found its way to a 7-5 win.

Up next, and for the third place, Rancho Temprano played Samanes I, looking for a spot in the podium. Very attractive game, with only a few stops and many goals. Rancho Temprano marked a small difference to beat their rivals and take home the bronze. Final score: Rancho Temprano, 11-10.

Lastly, it was the time for the grand final, where Caracas Polo faced Sebucan, looking for the Copa de Oro Agualinda title. Both teams sought from the beginning, although Caracas Polo started building a difference in the field that was later established in the scoreboard. Caracas Polo reached the last chukker in a solid way, that lead them to the title after beating Sebucan 11-9.
Trophy Presentation

Final: Caracas Polo vs Sebucan

Third Place Final: Rancho Temprano vs Samanes I

Fifth Place Final: Las Aguilas vs Samanes II

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