CARIBBEAN OPEN Lechuza Caracas through to 26-goal final

caribbeanopen-75-2016-3-241GBy Ebe Sievwright

Another showdown between two Polo Challenge rivals took place on Casa de Campo’s number three ground.

As ever, a revitalized Cinque Terre looked promising and as in the last game Ambroggio was a very positive addition to the team and a good counterweight to the Stirling/Nero combination. Juan Jauretche, however, the youngest of the Lechuza squad was also present to add to Cinque’s defensive issues. Vargas was the heavy hitter in this game witha total score of five, whilst Novillo Astrada clocked up four. Iñaki Laprida scored three and one tremendous overhead in the last.

Nero didn’t have the usual high scoreline but was omnipresent as always, and the Stirling factor helped polish Lechuza’s crown in time for another final.

Regarding the 14-goal competition, Agualinda defeated Casa de Campo 8-6.

Agualinda vs. Casa de Campo

Lechuza Caracas vs. Cinque Terre

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