Cartier Queen’s Cup Day Six

LaIndianaWins for La Indiana and Dubai

The first round of games in The Cartier Queen’s Cup are almost complete with just one game for each team remaining. King Power Foxes, Dubai and Zacara are leading the field, having won both of their games to date. La Bamba de Areco, RH Polo and Sifani have faired less well, having lost both of their games. The remaining team entrants have all won and lost a game.

On Tuesday 24 May La Indiana won their first game against La Bamba de Areco at Cowdray Park with a final score of 13-10. La Indiana led the scores from the off and never relinquished their lead. At the end of the second, La Indiana were 7-2 ahead thanks to some superb play from Nic Roldan and Agustín ‘Tincho’ Merlos. La Bamba de Areco put up a good fight, especially in the latter stages of the game. Merlos was given a Yellow Card in the fifth chukka, but he made up for it with his success at converting penalties. The great teamwork from Merlos, Roldan and Cartier Queen’s Cup newcomer Julian de Lusarreta, clearly paid off for La Indiana.

Later in the afternoon Dubai narrowly defeated Britannia El Remanso at Guards Polo Club with a score of 9-8. Despite the final result, Britannia El Remanso were leading after the second chukka, 3-2, and were neck and neck after the third chukka on 4 goals each. Dubai managed to get some air between the scores in the second half, but El Remanso kept them in their sights and continued to battle. They closed the gap back to just one goal (7-6) early in the sixth chukka, only for Dubai to pull ahead once more. Cambiaso fired the golden goal to secure Rashid Albwardy’s second victory of the tournament.

Group One

Two wins – King Power Foxes

One win, one Loss – HB Polo

One win, one Loss – Apes Hill

One win, one Loss – La Indiana

One win, one Loss – Talandracas

Two losses – La Bamba de Areco

Group Two

Two wins – Dubai

Two wins – Zacara

One win, one Loss – Britannia El Remanso

One win, one Loss – Valiente Dubai

Two losses – RH Polo

Two losses – Sifani

Photograph: Agustín ‘Tincho’ Merlos gallops with the ball at Cowdray Park Polo Club for La Indiana. By ©

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