Cartier Queen’s Cup Day Two

TalaHBWins for Dubai and Talandracas
In less than ideal conditions, Dubai took on Valiente Dubai on Wednesday 18 May, with drizzly rain and a substitute of Ralph Richardson for Rob Jornayvaz, who is still in America awaiting graduation from university. By the second chukka the scoreline was on 5-3 in favour of Valiente Dubai. A Yellow Card for Adolfo Cambiaso was like fuel to the fire and he turned up the heat as he made more runs to goal closing the gap, however Valiente Dubai were still in the lead by half-time, 6-5. By a stroke of luck, Valiente Dubai failed to score in the fourth chukka and Juan Martin Nero began to add to the scoreboard for Dubai in the fifth chukka. Cambiaso finished off the game with a final goal to end with a win and a score of 12-8 at their grounds at Highfield Farm.

Later in the afternoon, at Guards Polo Club, Talandracas defeated HB Polo with just a sliver of a goal margin. By half-time, HB Polo were two goals ahead, which was a lead they managed to maintain in the fourth chukka as both teams scored two more goals each. A Yellow Card to Talandracas in the fifth chukka seemed to be the turning point for them as they pushed ahead while the score inched up on both sides. The final chukka of the game was the most dramatic and the tension grew as the first four minutes produced no goals and it looked as though HB Polo would take their fist win of the tournament. There was a pause in the game for Polito Pieres who took a heavy fall, after a short break he continued to play. With just one minute to go the scores were tied on 11-11. HB Polo’s Toccalino took a safety 60, which went wide, but in a last minute twist Talandracas fouled during the shot giving Toccalino a second chance, or so he thought. His ground shot was just what Talandracas needed and Pieres swiped the ball away to score, taking the lead for the first time and winning the game 12-11.

Today King Power Foxes will play La Indiana at their home grounds, Billingbear Park and Britannia El Remanso will play their first game against Sifani at Coworth Park. Click here for the full schedule of games.

Photograph: Talandracas in action against HB Polo at Guards Polo Club. By ©

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