By Alejandra Ocampo

The Argentine Triple Crown is only days away, and the Tortugas Open, due to start in a week, brings important news.

Ellerstina, who debut on Sunday, October 2, will not have Polito Pieres in their lineup for their opening match; Polito was given a one-match suspension after arguing with the umpires during last year’s Argentine Open final.

Newcomers Washington will also have a change of lineup. Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario suffered an injury during a practice at Ellerstina; he will be replaced by Magoo Laprida. “He had a broken collarbone, but went back to playing practices,” explains Martinez Ferrario’s team mate, Diego Cavanagh. “During the second practice, Facu Sola hit a neck shot that accidentally hit Ezequiel’s middle finger on his right hand. He has been to see a couple of doctors. The initial idea was to undergo surgery, but he decided not to do so. His finger is currently immobilised. The recovery will take about two or three weeks, so that means he will miss the whole of Tortugas. We still don’t know if he will be able to play the first match of the Hurlingham Open.”

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