2016argentineseason-44-2016-1-101GBy Alejandra Ocampo

As polo keeps on rolling in many destinations worldwide, there are some news about the upcoming 2016 Argentine season as well.

The “big six” who will play the Triple Crown are already confirmed. Now, it’s about to wait for the talented foursomes who will take part of the always competitive Qualifying Tournament and, eventually, the Jockey Club Open. And one of them is ready – Chapaleufu. “Yes, we do have the lineup, it’s Pepe, Terrera, Andrade and me”, Eduardo Heguy told PoloLine.

As everybody remember, Chapaleufu played the 2015 Triple Crown with an all-Heguy team, comprised by the three brothers, Eduardo, Pepe and Nachi, plus cousin Bautista. In 2016, Chapaleufu will be back to the qualifiers, with a new 31-goal lineup. Guillermo Terrera (8) and Brazilian 8-goaler Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade will join Eduardo (8) and Pepe (7), following the departures of Nachi and Bautista Heguy.
Terre is making his comeback to Chapaleufu, following a 2015 that saw him playing the Triple Crown with La Aguada. “We already played with Terre in 2012, but only the Jockey Club Open”, explan Eduardo, better known as Ruso. “That year, he broke his right collarbone and I had that virus that sidelined me from the entire season. Bauti, and Fran Elizalde played back then. So we felt we owed something to him; I have a special affection for him, there are a lot of good vibes between us and we have worked alot with El Remanso. So I think we needed this opportunity to play together in Palermo”.

Meanwhile, Rodrigo Ribeiro de Andrade spent 2015 as a substitute with La Dolfina, ane he even filled in for Adolfo Cambiaso halfway the semifinal match of the Hurlingham Open, when the world’s top player had to leave due to an injury. “Rodrigo is a great number 3, he is a strong player and he has a lot of potential to show in Argentinian high goal”, says Eduardo.

With regards to horses and expectations. he explains: “Rodrigo will take many of his horses overseas, and Pepe and I will give him some, as well. And our expectations are to qualify, have fun and work well”.

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