Mitre-Podio-470x353In the Open category, La Quinta Esquina beats El Paso Polo Ranch 8-5 in a very balanced game, only defined in the fourth chukker, when the winning team was able to take the lead scoring three goals and keeping the defense tight in order to keep up that difference.

La Quinta Esquina (19): Thomas Brodie 2, Segundo Miguens 3, Juan M. Zavaleta (h) 7 y Luke Tomlinson 7.

El Paso Polo Ranch (18): Lía Salvo 2, Juan M. Echeverz 6, Horacio Fernández Llorente (h) 6 y Bautista Arrastúa 4.

La Quinta Esquina: 2-1, 2-1, 2-2, 5-2, 6-4 y 8-5.

Then on field #1 the fight for the biggest trophy started. Las Monjitas (with an advantage of one goal due to handicap difference) defeated Tortugas Etiqueta Negra by 12-11 after an incredible game. The orange-shirted team fell 11-10 but Francisco Elizalde managed to turn the sudden death tie just a second before the final bell. Shortly after, in the extra chukker, Elizalde again achieved the winning goal and the title went to Las Monjitas.

Las Monjitas:Andrés Encinales 0, Felipe Márquez Ochoa 6, Francisco Elizalde 7 y Matías Fernández Llanos 6. Total: 19.

Tortugas Etiqueta Negra: Juan Zubíaurre 5, Juan M. Zubía 5, Segundo Bocchino 6 y Marcos Menditeguy 4. Total: 20.

Las Monjitas: (1-0) 2-1, 4-3, 6-5, 6-6, 9-8, 11-11 y 12-11.

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