The activity for Copa de Oro de Agualinda continues at Caracas Polo, in Tucacas, Venezuela. Three very attractive games were played on Friday, with the scores as follows.

Rancho Temprano 6 v Las Aguilas 7
Sebucan 9 v Los Samanes 6
Los Samanes II 6 v Caracas Polo 7

The results up to this date are as follows:
Friday, September 9
Sebucan 10 v Rancho Temprano 9
Caracas Polo 10 v Los Samanes I 8
Los Samanes II 8 v Las Aguilas 7

Saturday, September 10
Los Samanes II 11 v Rancho Temprano 9
Caracas Polo 12 v Sebucan 8
Los Samanes I 9 v Las Aguilas 8

Wednesday, September 14
Sebucan 9 v Las Aguilas 6
Caracas Polo 12 v Rancho Temprano 6
Samanes I 8 v Samanes II 8

The match for the fifth place will be held on Friday, September 23, as well as the semifinals. The finals are due on Saturday, September 24.
Caracas Polo v Samanes II

Los Samanes I v Sebucan

Las Aguilas v Rancho Temprano

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