Cowdray Park Polo Club Academy, Gold Cup Master Class Series

jimThe highest handicapped polo players in the world will imminently descend upon Cowdray for the most anticipated polo tournament in the UK calendar, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Gold Cup for the British Open Polo Championship. The level of skill, knowledge and ability is phenomenal; the horsepower exceptional. The Final of the tournament creates one of the most glamorous social events of the season.

The pressure to win the Gold Cup for the British Open is immense. It is sheer grit, determination and team work that creates winners.

For the first time in the history of the sport, The Cowdray Park Polo Club Academy is able to offer a series of Master Classes, from three of the leading international players.

James Beim – 7 goals
No stranger to the Gold Cup, having won it in 1998, whilst playing for Ellerston, England Captain James, returns to regain the title this season with Britannia El Remanso. James has played in nine Coronation Cup matches, six of which have been victorious. This grounded English star’s careful mental and physical preparation have secured him ten years in the national team so far, and kept him a little too busy for teaching.

Agustin (Tincho) Merlos – 9 goals
Agustin made his high goal debut in 2005. His exceptional talent has seen him reach the ultimate 10 goal handicap. In 2011 he achieved the record for the most goals ever scored in the British Open and in 2016 he returns to play at Cowdray with La Indiana. Agustin is the youngest of the three Merlos brothers. His wealth of knowledge is something that he has never before shared.

Nic Roldan – 7 goals
Born in Argentina, but 100% American, Nic plays polo at the highest level around the globe. Not only is he currently the leading American player (8 goals U.S.), he is also Captain of the U.S. national side. His passion for the sport extends to his support and ambition to increase awareness and popularity of polo, as well as his admirable charity work as an ambassador for Brooke USA. His team spirit, exceptional dedication and hard work are apparent on and off the pitch. The welfare of his beloved ponies and horse trainers is of utmost importance to him. 2016 is the first season that Nic has been based at Cowdray (and he loves it!)

Each of the three Cowdray based professional players are offering a group lesson for six participants (places to be sold individually). The lesson times will be announced after the Gold Cup draw (6th June) to fit around the players’ schedules, and will be held prior to the GC final. Lessons with James Beim and Agustin Merlos cost £300 pp and Nic Roldan £350 for the adult class, to include lunch and £250 for the children’s class. Two thirds of Beim and Roldan’s classes will be donated to The Brooke

James Beim will reveal the art of development from Pony Club player to England Captain during his lesson, of which The Brooke will be the beneficiary. He is not only well rehearsed in maintaining his own polo fitness, but also that of his team, in fact, he has the weight of the nation on his shoulders. Cool under pressure, professional to the core. Does James even practice penalties in his sleep?

Agustin Merlos’s lesson will reveal the secret to thinking like a former 10 goal player. His direction, anticipation and understanding of the game at the fastest pace can be broken down for practical use in slower games. Perhaps he will help you to break your own goal scoring records?

Nic Roldan will be holding two sessions. One for adults and one for children (Loriner section of the PC and above, between the age of 12 and 18yrs). Nic’s lessons will include work with leading polo trainer Martin Perez, Nic’s winning tips, a mini chukka and a welfare orientated lunch. These lessons will be in aid of Nic’s chosen charity The Brooke.

Cowdray Park Polo Club Academy would like to extend their gratitude to these exceptional professional players (and their support staff) for offering their time, during one of their busiest seasons, to create this unheard of opportunity for the UK’s polo community.
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