Washington (33) played Cria Yatay (30) on Field 2 but this was a match that deserved to be on Field 1. There was an intensity about this match and the teams were matching each other goal for goal until the sixth chukka, when Cria Yatay had a goal fest to go 11-8 into the lead.

Although Facundo Sola pegged one goal back early in the seventh, Cria Yatay pushed on with two more goals to end the chukka 13-9 up. A penalty and two field goals early in the eighth brought Washington back to 12-13 but despite intense attacks in he last minute, they were unable to force overtime and Cria Yatay achieved a sensational win.

Washington, who had shown so much promise early on this Open, seemed to be frustrated by Cria Yatay’s determination. The Laprida brothers, Magoo and Iñaki, combined well with Joaquin Pittaluga and Guillermo Terrera and they got it together better on he day. They won 26 throw-ins to Washington’s 16 and thus had more possession of the ball and made good use of it. Cria Yatay now go to the quarterfinals on Saturday.

MVP: Joaquín Pittaluga

Cría Yatay: Guillermo Terrera (h) 8 (2 goals, 1 penalty), Cristian Laprida (h) 8 (2), Joaquín Pittaluga 7 (8, 4 penalties and 1 corner), Ignacio Laprida 7 (1). Total: 30.

Washington: Diego Cavanagh 8, Ezequiel Martinez Ferrario 8, Facundo Sola 8 (12, 5 penalties and 1 corner), Alfredo Cappella Barabucci 9. Total: 33.

Cría Yatay: 2-2, 4-3, 5-5, 6-6, 7-7, 11-8, 13-9, 13-12.

Umpires: Esteban Ferrari and Nicolás Scortichini. Third man: Juan José Díaz Alberdi.

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