• In the featured Sunday game at Greenwich Polo Club, Faraway Polo and Goose Creek faced off to determine second place in bracket 2, leading to a spot in the semifinals of the East Coast Open. Faraway started off the game with one goal on handicap. A goal by Inaki Laprida of Faraway and one from Mariano Gonzalez of Goose Creek ended the first chukker 2-1.


    Great defense from both teams led to only one goal in the second chukker, made by Marcos Garcia del Rio for Goose Creek ending with a tied 2-all score. One goal for Goose Creek in the third, a penalty 2 conversion by Gonzalez, ended the first half 3-2 with Goose Creek in the lead. A low scoring fourth chukker consisting of a penalty 2 conversion for Goose Creek’s Gonzalez and an amazing team goal from Julian Daniels to Hutton Goodman, kept Goose Creek in the lead by one. It was a competitive final two chukkers with both teams battling for a chance to play in the semifinals. An amazing neckshot by Daniels along with a goal by Tomas Garcia del Rio, made for an exciting second half. Faraway played defensively, keeping close to Goose Creek’s lead. Very few fouls were made throughout the game. In the end, Goose Creek kept their lead, winning the game by one (6-5).


    Goose Creek will play Audi, and White Birch will compete against Airstream in the semifinals Wednesday, September 7. Times will be announced on uspolo.org.


    GOOSE CREEK (20)

    Maureen Brennan

    Handicap: 1

    Marcos Garcia del Rio

    Handicap: 4

    Mariano Gonzalez

    Handicap: 7

    Tomas Garcia del Rio

    Handicap: 8


    FARAWAY (19)

    Hutton Goodman

    Handicap: A

    Inaki Laprida

    Handicap: 7

    Julian Daniels

    Handicap: 6

    Pelon Escapite

    Handicap: 6



    Bracket I
    A: Postage Stamp Farm (1-2)
    B:  Airstream (2-1)
    C:  Audi (3-0)
    D: Tupungato (0-3)


    Bracket II
    E:  Goose Creek (2-1)
    F: Faraway Polo (1-2)
    G:  Beluga (0-3)
    H: White Birch (3-0)